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What Can We Do for You?

Thanks to a nearly twenty-year experience on the ground (and, of course, knowledge from books) and the constant collaboration with the best artisans and professionals both nationals and internationals, we are proud to offer our high-quality goods. These are unique pieces in which tradition and innovation come together and of which we monitor the entire production process in all its aspects.

The textile industry has profoundly changed over the years and collecting and other fields have radically changed as well. Consumers have therefore great difficulty in gaining an understanding of the wide variety of items and services since there are so many of them and it's really easy to get lost.

We are constantly employing our know-how in the best interests of our customers so you can rely on our experience.

I would like to be your guide in this fascinating field. I will be happy to advise you and submit an offer tailored individually to your needs and requirements.

If you need a rug or a fabric or your rug is in need of restoration, don't hesitate to contact us. My staff and I are here for you.

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What Is Phrema?

One day, Ferhad ventured alone into the desert to look for his lover, not having seen him for a very long time. Despite her attempt, she could not find the boy but found only tiredness and struggle instead. The poor girl felt lost and fell on a bed made of harp stones. She was beside herself with grief and started to cry. Her tears mixed with blood wetting the ground. And thus, between the stones of the desert, it was a flower, the tulip.

 In Nepali the word Phrema means traditional weaving loom and, together with the symbol of tulip, represents our unconditional love for textile articles.


  • Time
  • Passion
  • Materials knowledge
  • Competence

 Mix carefully and have the patience to proceed slowly since a slight mistake can seriously compromise days or months of work.

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About Me

Let me introduce myself: I am Moreno Rossi and I am a textile expert. I was born in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Northern Italy) and I live there. I love my native land, a fascinating region between Italy and Slovenia.

I have always been passionate about handicraft and antique trade. It all started when my wife decided to buy a rug against my will. I did not see the point in buying that object and I dared oppose her. It was a matter of principle, I thought it would have been another useless purchase and I absolutely didn't want that fabric drape in my living room. No way. We started to argue. Unfortunately (but actually, I should say fortunately), my reasons didn't turn out to be as persuasive as hers. In fact, thanks to her use of dialectic tactics, she won whilst I lost that little fight. But I gained entry into a totally new universe, discovering something absolutely unexpected and amazing.

So, once the rug of discord made his appearance in my home, I started wondering the meaning of its symbols and motifs (the family war was over). I had asked the rug salesman some questions about them but I didn't like his inaccurate replies. It seemed to me he was grasping at straws just to be convincing. I knew those strange symbols and motifs were not there by chance. So why were they there? What could I do? I did some research. So that's how it all started.

This has just been a whirlwind romance for me and the beginning of a passion which I have never abandoned.

I moved my first steps into this enchanted world, studying lots of manuals to expand my knowledge. At first, I mainly did this in my spare time (even at ungodly hours) since I did have another job at that time (having to support my family and pay bills). Then I chose to trust my instincts.

Someone told me it would have been a suicide and I had gone temporarily mad, I was throwing away my economic stability and to what end? To do something adventurous and risky. But I knew it was what I wanted to do with my life. After a little thought (the last one), I definitely said hello to my financial securities and took the risk.

However, after the initial enthusiasm, I had to figure out the next steps and it was not that easy. I studied hard since I wanted this passion to become my own lifestyle. A new phase had just begun: I had to complete my specialisation and earn the coveted specialisation certificate. Needless to say, that path was difficult (I already knew it) but I think challenges are what make life interesting.

I took my backpack and passport and left. Trips have always played a central role in my life and they are crucial to my work. I absolutely needed to see for myself what I have already studied and increase my knowledge on professional issues. At that time, I went to Nepal, India and Turkey and other amazing places that inspired me and gave me new ideas. I had the opportunity to see with my own eyes the artisan manufacturing processes handed down from one generation to another and to see and touch those pieces. I appreciated the strong artisans' commitment and absolute devotion.

Despite my brain was no longer spongy as a twenty-year-old boy's brain, I threw myself into my studies and decided to meet artisans and experts. I spent some time with them and learnt a lot from them.

I got the specialisation certificate. Finally, I was a textile expert.

Of course, it wasn't easy but it was totally worth it. I have opened my own craft workshop and now I am constantly looking for artisan fabrics and yarns (preferably eco-friendly) that I would really like to show you.

Anyway, as Hegel said:

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion


Because this is not just a job.