Custom-Made Rugs


Our manufactured articles and services are aimed both at private customers and architects or designers focused primarily on interior design and space planning. We make free and creative use of form and colour, putting your needs at the forefront of our thinking.

A specialised consulting team will help us to fulfill all your requirements, collaborating on your very own personalised piece. We prefer natural fibres such as Tibetan wool, yak wool, natural silk, and cotton, but if necessary we can use linen, hemp, jute, bamboo silk, banana silk or even viscose. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

We are constantly looking for eco-friendly yarns. Our hand-carded hand-spun wool is undyed. Rug-weavers of the Middle East and Asia have used natural dyes for thousands of years. 

They, when properly used, without doubt give the best results. In this way, we try to meet all your requirements, focusing on availability, quality, and a great manufacturing thanks to the best artisans


Why Have We Chosen Nepal and Tibet? 

We move like time travellers, decoding the messages and the art of a country still shrouded in mystery. We learn from its legends and history, reinterpreting them, and then we create our own products. There is a long Nepali and Tibetan tradition from the earlier stages of processing, points to a solid link between the regions where these items are produced and this is evident in a number of ways. The major elements of the creation process are handspinning and carding wool, dyeing done manually using techniques handed down from father to son, the realisation of the Tibetan knot, rug finishing, and fleece cutting.

The Tibetan Knot

Nepali and Tibetan handicrafts have distinctive designs and styles. The long yarn is wrapped around a temporary rod along the width of the carpet in a continuous way, without interruption. When the first row of knots is completed, the loops around the metal rod are cut to create the knot. 


Methods of Production

There are different methods and techniques of production. First and foremost, we choose the materials for their durability and high quality. We select only the finest yarns, with no compromises. Our handlooms have been used by entire generations of knotters since we want to ensure our customers the best experience possible.