Choice of Colours

The Choice of Colours

Nowadays, a wide range of products is used to dye rug materials. We have chosen to invest in high quality in order to create something of lasting value and prevent discoloration after cleaning. Our rugs offer high performance and high style. You will find a wide range of excellent colours. 

“Customer satisfaction always comes first”, that is our motto.

Natural Dyes 

Colours are the key elements of a carpet. Thanks to the natural dyes from plants extracts and minerals, they are wonderful and almost seem to glow, creating a pleasing hand-made look. 

Our dyes are completely natural and extracted from flowers, roots and plants. The art of dyeing is as old as human civilisation and is still alive. 

Phrema embodies a deep respect for tradition in ancient craftsmanship of all varieties. All of our rugs or items have one important thing in common: each and every one of them is a real masterpiece.

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