Carpet restoration

Integrative and Conservative Restoration of Modern and Antique Rugs

Thanks to our expertise in this field, we are able to offer a wide range of services.  In addition to the extensive collections, we proudly specialize in rug restoration service too. 

Restoration is a delicate operation and has to be trusted to professionals.

First, it is essential to examine the structure of the rug. In this area we have to pay special attention to many factors: the spinning of warps and wefts,  the type of knot,  the composition of materials used (wool, silk, cotton, etc.), and the type of dyes used (synthetic or natural).

After that, we are ready to proceed and choose the method of restoration most suitable to the state of the fabric: conservative or integrative.

We want to offer the right combination of quality and good service at a fair price, avoiding unnecessary interventions.

We regularly work on the entire structure of your item, from securing fringes and bindings to repairing large tears, holes, and areas where moth damage has occurred. 

Integrative Restoration

  • The reconstruction of missing parts can be divided into three phases: the first one is the reconstruction of its structure (warps and wefts), the heart of the second phase of the intervention is knotting missing parts.  Lastly, in the third one we shave the fleece to the same level as the rug.
  • Fix corners
  • Fix extremities
  • Total reconstruction of selvedges (side edges)
  • Specialty fringes work
  • Fix fleece and missing parts

Conservative Restoration

  • Application of a neat straight line (variable size) on the extremities or side edges to reinforce the structure.
  • Application of a canvas on the back of the rug to reinforce its structure. This treatment must be reversible. It should always be possible to undo it and removed the canvas used without difficulty.
  • Partial reconstruction of selvedges
  • Tying warps

Restoration of Flatweaves: Kilims, Soumakhs, Palas, Vernehs, Dhurries

  • Application of a canvas on the back of the rug to reinforce its structure. 
  • Reconstruction of missing parts.

Our repair team do everything from preventive maintenance to complete restoration projects. These interventions are skilled works done entirely by hand.


If you'd like a restoration quote, the best way to proceed is to email us good photographs of your rug damage explaining what you would like repaired or visit us by appointment. Here we can properly inspect the damage.


How to Send Rugs for Cleaning or Restoration