Restoration of Textiles

Restoration of Textiles  

Is it worth to restore these items?

Why should we invest our money in things that are often in a pretty bad shape?

There are many interpretations of “value” regarding these pieces of furniture.

Actually, on second thought. we are used to restore old damaged paintings, frescos, and sculptures. So, why shouldn't we take action in this field?


As a first step, it is important to identify the necessities and the expected results. 

People often think rugs are identified only by their design or fabric quality, but this is not true at all. They are just two components used to identify them but not the only ones. 

Actually, we should also observe the underside and some textile components. 

Thorough research, restoration is carried out into some techniques used to ensure minimum intervention with the structure of your product, and to retain as much of the original textile as possible. The good news is that most significant damage can be halted or reversed.

Each item is examined to assess the level of restoration required, giving consideration to:

  • Country of origin and age
  • Usage
  • Materials used
  • Construction techniques
  • Dyes used
  • Patterns and designs 
  • Level of wear

Services We Offer:

  • Conservative restoration 
  • Cleaning and washing  
  • Hydration interventions (textiles and yarns)
  • Consolidation
  • Tapestries (Replacing linings, warps insertion and re-creation of any missing areas)
  • Hand dyeing yarns to be used for conservative restoration

Free Quotes 

If you'd like a restoration quote, the best way to proceed is to email us good photographs of your rug damage explaining what you would like repaired or visit us by appointment. Here we can properly inspect the damage.