Antique Rugs and Textiles

Why should I choose an antique rug or textile?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. It can be a challenging one, despite sounding seemingly straightforward. There is no simple answer, though. 

Firstly, antique rugs combine history, tradition and art and can be considered as places of refuge and protection. 

Did you know that their use as floor coverings is almost as old as recorded history?

They are rich with symbolism, conventions, codes and signs which has often been handed down from mother to daughter over generations. 

To understand a particular symbol or design, you need to look beyond the environmental conditions in which those people lived when the object was made, trying to penetrate the deeper historical, social, and religious context. Weavers, almost all of them women, used a distinguishing mark, that is to say no colour was randomly chosen, being both a message and a hope.

Each Oriental rug has its own unique identity. Learning about ancient civilizations that disappeared is always fascinating and we can do it thanks to those pieces. Those people left behind a rich legacy of ancient art.

Let us help you choose your right rug, getting a glimpse of this fascinating hidden world.  

The production can be divided into four main groups which provide rug markets with information about the history of the products:

  1. Nomadic
  2. Village
  3. Master-workshop
  4. Classic Period and Court Rugs ( 15th -18th  centuries)


Age-Based Classification of Rugs

The age-based classification has been modified over the last two decades: a rug is considered antique when it reaches at least the age of 80, because of wear and deterioration of its fibres.

Instead, in our classification we adhere to the distinction drawn by scholars:

  • 0-30 years old  new manufacture
  • 30-60 years old  old manufacture
  • 60-90 years old  semi-antique
  • 90-100 years old  antique

How to Determine the Value of an Antique Rug

That's not an easy task since there are multiple factors to consider when determining the value of antique rugs. It can be very difficult without the help of a trusted expert. 

Our core values are study, research and technical competence. These guide and shape Phrema. Nothing is left to chance.


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The perfect balance between antique motifs and patterns and the brightness of the colours.

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Enjoy inimitable designs and experience this fascinating world with rugs that are entirely handmade with great dedication and experience.

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China and Central Asia

China and Central Asia

The history of Chinese rugs connects us with the past and brings us to a deeper understanding of the peoples and cultures that came before us.

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Anatolian rug is the artistic expression that best embodies the spirit of the Asian people and is a means of expression.

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