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Our small manufacturers handle the full manufacturing process: they apply the best available animal husbandry practices and spin fine yarn.

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We are constantly employing our know-how in the best interests of our customers so you can rely on our experience. We carefully select the best raw materials and suppliers distributed all over the Italian territory.

We have chosen craft industries which control the entire supply chain with love, passion and dedication.

We are always offering you the best selection of 100% Italian yarn.

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Italian Yarns


Alpacas are adorable and friendly animals and are part of the camel family. These animals originate from South America but are now being raised and enjoyed in many other countries, including Italy. Alpaca fibre is one of the most incredible fibres known and superior to other fibres in lots of ways. It has got a natural brightness and can be softer than cashmere. Its fibre is three times more resistant than sheep's wool and seven times warmer than that. And it does not contain lanolin therefore does not cause allergies. Each alpaca has its own shades of colours: white, fawn, brown, grey and black and over 20 different shades. Knitting is the most suitable technique to use this kind of yarn. It can be woven on the loom as well.
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Mohair is a very soft fabric or yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat. The name “Angora” comes from Ankara, the capital of Turkey, where these animals have been raised for thousands of years. The angora wool is a very sought-after and appreciated yarn since is really hot and extremely soft and it is often used together with other yarns to improve the quality of the finished product. It is elastic and shiny. Mohair fibres often absorb natural dyes very well, this will help achieve uniform colour results. Important note: The name “Angora” can be confusing because we refer to both Angora rabbits and Angora goats, but their fibres are very different- Mohair wool comes from the Angora goat. Knitting is the most suitable technique to use this kind of yarn. It can be woven on the loom as well.
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100% Pure mohair fiber made in Italy. Produced by Italian breeders, it is provided in pre-washed and combed tape. Available color: natural white. Suitable for spinning and felt processing
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Alpaca is an animal native to South America, but nowadays, his breeding has spread to many countries, including Italy. Its fiber is very valuable because it is a softness and insulation material and its lightness and brilliance have been known for millennia. The wool that we offer has a magnificent dove-gray color.
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