Services We Provide:

Interior Design

Even though rugs are a design element that we walk all over, they are a very important part of our interior environment and a perfect addition to create warmth and beauty in a room. They can make a space feel finished. We are constantly looking for new colours, materials and shapes.

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Value Estimation, Certifications and Appraisals

A product certificate guarantees you the ownership, origin and quality of the item. But it does not include its market value.

An appraisal is necessary to identify rugs and answer questions about origin, age and value. 

Buying and Selling Advisory Services

Our professionals are highly trained and skilled in making this type of assessment. Our brand deals with the entire spectrum of the rug business. Moreover, we help you to pick the right market so you will be able to sell your product, setting the right price.

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Hereditary Succession and Division Advisory Service

These tasks may be exceedingly difficult in certain circumstances, particularly when considering the several obstacles you can encounter.

An inventory should always be made together with a full appraisal of each item. Our staff members are dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and competence..

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Collector Advisory

There is a difference between a collection and a mere accumulation of things. In fact, it is easy just to gather lots of modern and antique goods but that is an accumulation of things. 

It is important to stress the fact that anyone seeking to become a true collector needs to find a focus (or at least a set of boundaries) that will govern the range of his collection. There are many factors that go into determine if a rug can be collected or not. The most common approach is to focus on pieces of a particular region and their ages. 

Moreover, it is important to note that a collection cannot continue indefinitely, but must have an end.

We will have a look at your pieces.

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Cleaning, Repair and Restoration Services

These services have to be trusted to a professional. We will perform a complete inspection of the item, determining the best restoration or cleaning methods. Each rug requires a specific way of acting.

Organisation of Events or Exhibitions

Thanks to our organizational and technical skills in this field, we are also involved in preparing events and exhibitions.

We develop a complete plan for you, understanding your needs and paying attention to detail. Our passion and expertise are at your disposal. We are here to help you so that nothing is left to chance. 

Specialisation and Training Courses

Our courses focus on linking theory and practice. A range of modules are available to enhance your knowledge and develop your skills.

We Provide Custody Services

Your rugs are like precious jewels, we know that! They will be in the hands of true professionals.

We offer care and custody.

We'll take care of your goods in your absence and, upon your return, we will delivery them back to you in their full shine.

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